A Theatrical Reading of a New, Very Online Comedy

September 18th 2023, 7pm
Waldmann Brewery, St. Paul MN

Reservations are free with a $10 minimum at Waldmann. Please tip generously.

About the Reading
THE EDGE OF LIBERTY is a new comedy about liberty-minded, niche Internet microcelebrities exploring the frayed edges of freedom in contemporary America. When Dennis and Katrina invite a special guest to their podcast to discuss her new book about “Based Polyamory,” cringe theory becomes based praxis as the couple’s stale relationship gets complicated and their podcast gains a massive, and aggressive, new following. THE EDGE OF LIBERTY leers at online influencer culture, social media clout chasing, and what happens when our infodrunk ideological LARPs meet reality between and beyond the sheets.

Featuring Amanda Forstrom, Matthew Saxe, Mari Sitner, and Tim Williams.

About the Writers
Kevin Kautzman is a playwright, co-founder of Bad Mouth, co-host of the Art of Darkness podcast, and past fellow of the Playwrights’ Center and Michener Center for Writers at UT Austin.

Abbie Lucas is an award-winning director, writer, and editor Levile TV calls one of the Top 20 Rising Female Filmmakers in the UK.